iPhone SDK = Cannonball Run

Right so Apple finally released their long-awaited iPhone SDK last week. Some thoughts:

1. The typing sound you are hearing is the sound of 10,000 new Sudoku apps being furiously built for the iPhone. Can’t wait.

2. To get your software on the iPhone, you need to register with Apple to get a license… and there’s a list of things that iPhone apps can’t do, and how they are supposed to look… and they demoed the ability to remotely wipe off applications from across the network… these things are related, I think.

3. I don’t know of anyone who has received their iPhone developer license yet. So hold off on #1 for now.

4. The iPhone apps are all to be distributed through Apple’s ‘AppStore’. Note that it’s not the ‘iPhoneAppStore’, or the ‘TouchAppStore’, just ‘AppStore’. So in Mac OS X 10.6 Ocelot plan to see desktop apps distributed this way.

I could go on about particulars of the SDK, but I’m not sure what is under NDA specifically, so I’ll stop there.

In all, a great announcement. It feels a lot like the movie The Cannonball Run where all the new iPhone developers have now begun the cross-country race to the opening of the ‘AppStore’ in June. Now I just need a priest’s outfit and a red Ferrari and I’ll be all set…