I’m happy to announce a new application for the iPhone/iPod Touch – Uranus!

It’s an astronomy program for your handheld device loaded with over 100,000 objects – stars, deep sky objects, planets, the Sun and Moon, you name it.  I uses the built-in GPS of your iPhone or iPod Touch to display the sky where you happen to be.  You can move around, zoom in and out and get info on everything in the sky using simple gestures, and you can use the accelerometer to ‘fly’ around the sky.  It’s available on the App Store right now.

This is the first release, I will be adding more features in future updates. I’ve already uploaded an update to the App Store that vastly improves performance and lets you choose your location manually. Apple seems to be sitting on updates for a long time, I’m not sure why. So bear with me during this first month of the App Store while Apple works out all of the issues.