Flexible dates in Booxter

In the previous version of Booxter, whenever there was a place to enter a date, you always had to enter the day, month and the year.  I never liked that restriction, since there are many cases where you might know, say, the year but not the specific day for a given date.  So if you knew that you had purchased a book in 2003 or read a book in 1987, in order to capture those dates, you needed to fill in fake days or months in order for Booxter to accept them (like 1/1/2003 or something like that).

So in Booxter 2, I fixed this using flexible dates:


Flexible dates are dates where you are free to specify just the part of the date of which you are certain.  So if you want to specify just the year, or the year/month, or the year/month/day, you can.By default most dates use year/month/day format, but you can change that using the date format button located under any date to set it to whatever you like.  Comic book publication dates default to month/year, since that is the standard way to track them, but it can be changed as well.

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