Flexible dates in Booxter

In the previous version of Booxter, whenever there was a place to enter a date, you always had to enter the day, month and the year.  I never liked that restriction, since there are many cases where you might know, say, the year but not the specific day for a given date.  So if you knew that you had purchased a book in 2003 or read a book in 1987, in order to capture those dates, you needed to fill in fake days or months in order for Booxter to accept them (like 1/1/2003 or something like that).

So in Booxter 2, I fixed this using flexible dates:


Flexible dates are dates where you are free to specify just the part of the date of which you are certain.  So if you want to specify just the year, or the year/month, or the year/month/day, you can.By default most dates use year/month/day format, but you can change that using the date format button located under any date to set it to whatever you like.  Comic book publication dates default to month/year, since that is the standard way to track them, but it can be changed as well.

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Ho ho ho!

It’s MacSanta time again! You can enjoy great deals on superb Mac software just in time for the holidays. Every day through December 24th there will be different featured apps, and Booxter is featured on Saturday, December 8th! Enter the coupon code MACSANTA07 when purchasing on December 8th and get 20% off a license for Booxter!

Check the list of extended deals in case you missed a day and use the MACSANTA07TEN coupon code to save 10% through December 24th.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Dutch localization

Booxter 2.0 has now been localized into Dutch.

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German localization

Booxter 2.0 has now been localized into German.

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Ok, I have just released version 2.0.3 of Booxter, and it officially runs on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (as well as Tiger of course). There were a number of things to fix, mostly UI related in order to ensure Leopard compatibility. There are some general bug fixes as well, they are listed in the software update panel.

It’s available now, you can use Booxter’s software update feature to upgrade.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. Onward and upward!

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Nice Review

Jean-Christophe Courte has written a very thoughtful and informative review of Booxter (in French) at http://www.urbanbike.com/index.php/site/booxter-2/. He covers a lot of the new features and has some great screen shots, so please take a look.

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Wow, Booxter 2.0 is pretty popular. Thanks to all the new users for trying it out, welcome all of you. And to all the Booxter users who have upgraded so far, thank you very much.

As you can imagine, the volume of email I have received is enormous, I am working to answer everyone’s questions and handle your feedback. I am slowly getting back to normal, please forgive me if I don’t respond as quickly as I normally do.


Welcome to Booxter 2.0!

Hi everybody, just a short note to say hello and welcome to this new blog. Booxter 2.0 is out, I hope you enjoy it. Can talk later.